AP Dubex Boom Leveling

DBL is exclusively available at AP Dubex and integrates perfectly with the “superbalans” system that comes as standard on all our machines.

AP Dubex has developed a system that adjusts our “superbalans” system in bends and slopes as well. The software that controls the boom not only works with ultrasonic sensors for the height control, but also uses a gyroscope. This determines the rotation speed of the boom and then indicates, in cooperation with the height sensors, how fast correction is required. Furthermore the system offers compensation when driving in curves.

The electronics make sure movement is stabilised quickly so separate dampers are no longer required.

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AP Dubex Wave


All DBL advantages

  • iconAutomatic height control
  • iconElectronic spirit level
  • iconAutomatic ramp correction
  • iconSpray bearing, up to 25 cm above the crop, so less drift
  • iconExcellent deposition
  • iconVery stable in curves
  • iconHigh user-friendliness
  • iconHeadlands management
  • iconMore rapid work progress
  • iconHigh ROI and efficiency
AP Dubex DBL
DCS sensor

Boom height control

DBL: Boom height control in combination with the gyroscope. Level adjustment only.

DBL+: Boom height control ín combination with the gyroscope and height sensors. Level and height adjustment, the machine has sensors.

DBL++: Boom height control in combination with the gyroscope, 6 height sensors and geometry control*. Level adjustment, height adjustment and geometry control.

* You select DBL++ if you have chosen the optional variable geometry and would like to have this controlled automatically as well.

AP Dubex DCS : Dubex Cleaning System

Easy cleaning

DCS is exclusively available at AP Dubex and is the perfect solution to automate the cleaning process.

If you choose the option DCS “automatic cleaning”, you have acces to a DCS app in the AP Dubex menu in the terminal. In the menu you can select boom cleaning only or one of the options mentioned below.

Program Small : once flushing of the boom and the tank.

Program Standard : tripple flushing of the boom and the tank.

Program Large : the fourth time the remaining contents of the clean water tank will be used.

Most of the rinsing water is sprayed via the booms, the remainder that has returned to the tank via the circulation line, will be automatically discharged by the drain valve underneath the tank. The complete process is carried out while you are driving in the field, so you can leave the plot with a completely rinsed field sprayer.

All DCS advantages

Easy cleaning with DCS
  • iconAutomatic cleaning
  • iconSeveral cleaning programs available
  • iconGuaranteed 100% internal cleaning
  • iconHigh user-friendliness
  • iconMore rapid work progress
  • iconHigher return